You need an up-to-date website.

Websites need regular care and feeding. People come and go, your stories change, competition arises; there are new things to talk about. A website with unchanging, outdated content makes you look outdated.

! But how do you keep your pages current?

You don't want to be beholden to a webmaster.

You don't want to become a graphic designer.

You don't want to be an HTML developer.

! You need Eklipse.

Eklipse is a Content Management System. "CMS" is the fancy term for a website designed to let you change the words and pictures after the basic design has been put into place. You log into Eklipse, then return to your website. Now your web pages include small paperclips which show you whereever content has been "klipped" to the page. Click a paperclip to edit the "klip", tyoe in your changes, click "Save", and you've changed your site.

Eklipse has evolved for years in direct response to client needs and requests, while remaining the simplest possible system that lets you get work done and gets out of the way. Proven in hundreds of websites: doctors, small businesses, and city governments all use Eklipse whenever their websites need updating.