what sets eklipse aprt?

it's freeform.

You don't have have to fit your website into a rigid template.There are no blocks to to position.

it's simple.

You can build a website, and add eklipse into it with two lines.

it's small and fast.

one folder, and one or two SQL tables. it doesn't take over the website. That makes it easy to use, too.

it's flexible.

Eklipse is deliberately unstructured - you decide how you want to use it.

it's designer-friendly.

Build an ordinary HTML page, then add eklipse to the areas whose content will change.

it's easy to use.

See a page that needs changing? Edit it immediately right from the page.

it gives you editing choices

Mix HTML or Markdown. There are only a few basic rules for editing content. the rest is up to you.

it has power.

multiple admin permission levels; plugins; reconfigurability; it's all in there too.